Saturday, November 30, 2013

Kaiserlicks & Khan!

Kaiserlicks advancing under fire. 

I'm sitting here with my copy of Command & Colours: Austrians or at least I'm sitting in the same country as it. It has arrived, but has been seized by customs where it will be held until such time I pay additional duties, there will of course be a fee for paying those additional duties.  

What made the situation all the better was the news from Du Gourmand that his copy had arrived, undetected by Customs and that he was playing it at the time. I think it was the mocking laughter over the phone that made the moment all the special. 

As Mr. Shatner would put it. 

My vengeance will be swift and terrible and will probably involve inflicting exercise on Du Gourmand in merciless amounts. 


  1. The sting in the tail that can be more than the actual duty.

    I feel your pain


  2. It's like winning the lottery, but awful.


  3. Ah Customs & Excise - a byword arbitrariness!

  4. I live in constant fear of such, my better half working in DHL and having horror stories that would age you a decade to hear. Terrible folks, customs.