Saturday, November 16, 2013

Little Wars - Part two

This was our four or fifth battle and was another stand up fight for posession of the central town. Arranged on one side were Donogh, General T and General C. Opposing them were General G (note American Civil War beard), General L and General Russian Chap in a Cap.

This was a fast moving game as both sides made considerable use of the possibilities of concealed box movement to move troops quickly around the battlefield. The objectives were as before, points for casualties after twelve turns and a bonus for possession of the town. 

I'm going to have to give more thought to the use of the boxes as I think there needs to be more clarity about when one reveals troops and so forth. Both sides used these quite a bit and there was one moment where two lots of concealed cavalry managed to charge each other without revealing before hand.  Bit of a bug that and something I shall have to give further thought to. 

Team D, T & C seizing the town. General C definately one of the better sort of girls, did some fine shooting in this game. 

Donogh lining the fences with troops, this proved to be a key point in the battle as the other team were unable to dispute their poessesion of it.  This was mainly down to good shooting on Donogh's part and canny deployment of the artillery, who were mostly placed on the flanks.  This meant that when they were menaced by enemy troops, they were normally firing at least in semi-enfilade.

A pensive General T reviews the situation.
The battle was swinging like a door at this point with the central town being the pivot, Team Russian Chap in a Cap were beginning to pile pressure on the defenders of the town, but were coming under pressure themselves on the opposite flank.

General L sadly didn't uphold the distaff sides reputation for accurate gunnery.

Here she is trying to "shoot in" a cavalry charge supported by infantry on the defenders of the town.

Despite one lucky shot which manages to clip the rail fence they are hiding behind and cause a whole line of casualties - it is too little too late. 

The gallant mortar crew

The mortars were singularly unsuccessful in this game, not least because NERF guns are too powerful to fire in a parabolic arc with any certainty.  I'm thinking about some sort of flipper or catapult device to hurl the party poppers. 

These brave chaps detonated the magazine rather than lost their gun. 

General C & T having a conference after the successful attack on the enemy mortar. 

General G fires defiantly at the advancing enemy

But to no avail

This game was probably the most clear cut of the games we played over the weekend. I attribute that to Donogh and General C's good shooting, well sited guns and economy of force. They were far more aggressive about seizing the key terrain and holding it as well as concentrating their forces. 

I still need to think of a better way of handling howitzers though.


  1. The boxes have a great appeal - do you actually need soldiers? A game of shifting boxes (representing undefined formations) around the floor seems a logical and exciting simplification. This is like a more interesting version of TooFatLardies' blinds. You have my full attention.

    By the way, according to your profile you have been 30 for at least 3 years to my certain knowledge - get it sorted, will you?

    I thank you.

    1. They are rather nice aren't they? I would miss the toy soldiers. It's also rather difficult to knock over boxes with a NERF gun.

      As for my profile, I should really get to that. If there's any doubt - there's probably a portrait of me in a garret somewhere getting thinner.

  2. Great photos! They brought a smile to my face :-)


  3. and where's the pics of me crawling round the floor on day one?
    cheers Old John

    1. They were censored on the grounds that they might unduly excite female readers.

  4. and where's the pics of me crawling round the floor on day one?
    cheers Old John

  5. I think some kind of catapult to simulate mortars is a good idea. I don't see how one can make due with a flat firing object in that instance.

    1. You can't which is the problem - but I need a commercially available catapult type thing. Something robust.