Saturday, December 19, 2015

The advance of progress

I put this chap together the other night and it's holding together rather well.  It is rugged enough to be picked up and carried about without flexing alarmingly. The pots are secure and can all be seen, which will reduce the amount of time I spend clucking and furrowing my brow. 

I have also learned.

a) I have a lot of different shades of blue, mostly as it happens from painting a few Space marines and the odd Napoleonic frenchman. 

b) I also have a ridiculous number of browns, khakis, ochres and other tans, chocolates and flat earths. Seriously, there are about twelve different shades of brown.

c) The citadel colours are going to have to live at the back, perhaps in some kind of ghetto?  Progress is already beginning to look a bit like the Milgram experiment. 

d) Notwithstanding the fact that there are spots for 40 pots of paint, there is still an overflow and that's not counting the citadel colours. 

e) Why do I have an orange (pictured) and a hot pink (in the overflow)? I have no memory of purchasing these. 


  1. Orange and pink, sounds like French Dragoon facing colours. Also useful for mixing.

  2. This is a dangerous photograph! I find myself now wanting, strangely, to purchase and assemble something similar here.

    Best Regards,


  3. I have something similar, they are jolly handy, but however big they are you always have a few pots to many to fit, Tony

  4. Orange and a hot pink you say? Can't help you there, but don't wear them together, it will be a fashion faux pas darrrling! ;)

  5. Handier than a shoebox for you both I venture.

  6. Looks great - note to self must get organised. As I still have mine in a box I find that a drop of paint in the indentation on the top of the white lid make it easier to see the different shades of a colour at a glance.

    1. That was ging to be my suggestion as well.. a quick brush of the contents on the lid the next time you use the paint helps enormously when trying to find the right colour... even when you can see the colour in the bottle they always seem to dry slightly differently..

  7. The scary thing is when you multiply the number of pots by the average price/pot. I try not to think about it.I suspect we all have a paint lake to go with the lead mountain

  8. Very neat but my biscuit box(es) disguise the horror of working out the cost of the number of paint pots x average price. I suspect we all have a paint lake that lies at the foot of the lead mountain

  9. These are wonderfully handy. Biscuit tin became demoted somewhat after the purchase! :-)

  10. An alternative might be to use Nail Varnish Display stands. (That's what I use). Generally under £10 via Amazon.

    I've also started to replace my Vallejo paints with Decoart Americana; a huge range and much cheaper than Vallejo :)