Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Flocking Dutch & Marching on the Boyne

 Some Dutchmen getting flocked

As you can probably tell the Dutch have been much in my thoughts of late, mainly because I'm gearing up for Quatre Bras. Thanks to John and Uwe for their advice regarding Dutch officers, I've ordered some from Art Miniaturen. The King Billy figures from Kamar was very, very nice, but at €3.20 for a figure with an additional €9 for postage, I just couldn't justify it.

However, the Art Miniaturen figures are very nice and include a very dapper Duke of Brunswick.

In the meantime, its been plodding work, adding a river section here, flocking some figures there, but no great leaps forward made in the hobby. Gorman and I took a 30km stroll yesterday in preparation for our trip to the Boyne in July.  I won't say it was easy, but it was certainly less murderous then we were expecting. Expect a report with photos shortly.

We're doing this walk on behalf of the Kathryn Casey Memorial fund, a fund that is attempting to raise some money for a life saving machine for prematurely born infants in Temple Street Hospital, Dublin. You can have a look at their website here

And now with aching feet, I'm off to work.

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  1. Nice figures, and I'm looking forward to seeing the Boyne pics!!

  2. pleased to hear you and and General Gorman survived the little stroll, I trust you both went at light infantry pace,I've cleaned up the figures I'm painting up for the Boyne Project,Danes, Dutch British, Jacobite cavalry & infantry, these fit in well with my other painting schedule for Sedgemoor in June

    cheers Old John

  3. Cain we sponsor you chaps during your walk? Seems a worthwhile cause.

  4. Thanks Ray. They will be suitably harrowing, I hope.

    John, thanks again for your help with the project. I think we were quite far from light infantry pace to be honest.

    Padre, thank you for asking. You can find details on how to donate here.