Thursday, April 5, 2012

She knows her audience

The latest Wargaming in History books by Charles Grant

I've never been under and illusions that Mrs Kinch wasn't a keeper, but she pulled off a coup last week when she gave me these two for my birthday. I've haven't had time to do anything other than pick at them over the last few days, but they seem to be up to the high standard that has been set by the previous volumes.

The most interesting thing about these books is not the articles or the scenarios but the sections on how the scenarios were designed. This is fascinating, but also a fine way for a first time scenario writer to see how an old sweat like the brigadier does it. I must must say learning about his approach has informed how I've gone about writing my own scenarios and has made the whole process less intimidating.

A full review to follow - but well played darling ! Well played!


  1. Your Mrs. is definitely a keeper! Well done.

    Best Regards,


  2. Mrs. Kinch is indeed a pearl among women. You are a lucky man, sir.