Friday, April 13, 2012

In the forests of the night

 The Tippoo Sultan's Tiger model
A mechanical tiger which mauls a redcoat, the pipework displayed supplying appropriate screams
What a card that Tippoo was, eh?

Those of you with long memories will remember that I had great hopes over a year ago of playing some games set in India. I even did a little thinking about the name of the fictional Indian state that would bring under the Company's rule. Well, I hadn't exactly forgotten it, but I haven't done much about it either. However, I have been reading Jac Wellers Wellington in India recently and decided to make some notes as I went. This is something that Bob Cordery often does and its an admirable habit.

1. The native states generally deployed two kinds of infantry, those in a European style with some European officers and traditionally organised trained bands. The former used flintlocks and were organised along HEIC lines. The latter used a mix of weapons, including spears, swords and matchlocks and were unable to maneovre in open country with any adroitness.

2. War elephants to my great disappointment were only used as draft animals and occasionally as generals mounts.  I fear what will occurr if the forces of Kala Akaata are not led into battle by a chap like Pohlman bestride an elephant.

3. Battalion guns are an issue. They were used extensively, but I'm not sure I want start adding small guns all over my table. British units already get a bonus for remaining stationary, perhaps I should extend this to HEIC troops?

4. Massive, ridiculous amounts of light cavalry are the norm. These were almost useless for shock action, but rather good at scouting and harassment. Cossacks in turbans.

5. Rockets don't appear to have been of much use except in sieges. I haven't the foggiest notion how I shall approach these.

6. Indian heavy cavalry were capable, but operated as individuals rather than as a unit. Weller rates them on a par with Company lights.

I've only got as far as chapter three, more to follow.

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  1. Ross Mac has rules for rockets in his excellent "Hearts of Tin" rules . . . which can be downloaded for free:

    == Jeff

  2. Thanks Jeff, I had a look at them. They're a bit too oldschool for CNC, but perhaps the spinner idea has merit.