Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Resin Field Work - Provence Unknown

Behold the battery

One of the joys of moving house is that one gets to discover all ones things anew. There are certain possessions, favourite books, clothes and such that are dug out immediately and then there is everything else which is consigned to the box room. We've been in Stately Kinch Manor for just over a year now, but the box room is still very much in evidence and likely to be so for several years to come. However, that doesn't been that there aren't occasional expeditions to investigate the box room and it was during one of these (two of my porters were eaten by crocodile, damn their carelessness) that I came across the resin fortification above.

The battery is probed by an enemy scout - I'm not absolutely sure of the uniform, but as its white, I think Austrian maybe?

I have no recollection of buying this piece or painting it. Clearly I did because it is painted in the Kinch house style, but I'll be damned if I can remember when. It occupies two (with a little over) or three (with some room) hexes on my Command & Colours board and provides a home for three guns in fine style. It seems solid and perfectly serviceable and just the sort of thing for a siege game. McCarthy has written a set of siege rules which are begging to be tried out.
A whiff of grapeshot punishes the scout for her temerity and sends her on her way

I've had a look around on the web, but have been unable to find anything that looks similar. There's a label on the back which says "Made in China", but there doesn't appear to be any makers mark.

A better view, the three guns are a Zvesda French gun (foreground), a MARS 17th century piece, soon to be joining my Indian forces (middle ground) and a British Foot Artillery piece from Revell (background)

So if there is one amongst you who recognise this particular fortification, do let me know, I'd be interested in getting my greasy paws on anything else they have in the range.


  1. Was it Imex or Italeri did some chunks of poured-resin with their artillery sets a few years ago; Italeri...I have a different one somewhere that came with the ACW set, could yours be the Napoleonic one...I think it came with the French Guard Artillery (busbies) if it's the thing I'm thinking of?!!


  2. Regardless of the precise origins of said terrain piece, it has that certain indefinable something. What a nice surprise to rediscover it. And I'm glad you did not succumb yourself to the hungry crocs during your foray into the deepest, darkest box room. Gosh, it sounds almost like a Joseph Conrad novel given the fate of your porters.

    Best Regards,


  3. Can't help you with the provenance, old boy, but a nice looking piece. Who's the manufacturer of that Austrian scout? That's a nice looking figure, very life like.