Monday, April 9, 2012

M, 32 seeks Dutch Army Officer, must be 1/72 with GSOH.

King Billy being carried from the field of Waterloo

I bet he liked long walks on the beach, sunsets and holding hands. I did a stock take recently and it looks like if I get weaving and paint a figure or two I should be able to play the Quatre Bras scenario relatively soon. I've been saving a very good bottle of 1986 port for the occasion, so it'll be one to look forward to.

On the other hand I don't have any Dutch, Nassauer or Brunswick mounted general officers - so this is something I'll have to rectify relatively sharpish. I had the Waterloo 1815 set, but I used my King Billy to represent an eccentric Rifles officer. I'm sure SHQ could supply me with any number of suitable fellows - but I thought I might appeal to the mess for particularly choice recommendations.

If I'm only buying three figures, they might as well be nice ones.

In the meantime I'll leave you with the sight that greeted Sir Harry Flashman VC and Princess Elizabeth of Bavaria when they got up this morning.

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  1. suggest Art-Miniaturen for mounted officers

    Hinton Hunt did a nice Dutch/Belgian moounted General as well as a great Prince Billy

    several makers do a Duke of Brunswick, Newline,SHQ,Art-M, Hinton Hunt

  2. I wanted to give the same tips, but John was faster:-)

    Sadly the Art-miniaturen figure is no longer available. The Kennington/SHQ is rather stiff in my oppinion.

    A limited edition of Kamar figures is out at the moment. In case you want to order it, hurry up before he ceases his own production as he did in the past.