Monday, April 23, 2012

Happy Saint George's Day

St George - The patron saint of scouts

Thank you for the Clash, Queen, Shakespeare, parliaments, unarmed police forces, Sir Henry Newbolt, Graham Greene, the Book of Common Prayer, Shelley, John Donne, the Common Law, Allan Mallinson, Alan Moore, Patrick O'Brian, Ridley Scott, the Authorised Version, GK Chesterton, Joe Orton, Jeremy Brett, Peter Cushing and cream teas.

I know I've left a few out (not least Donald Featherstone and Paddy Griffith), but anyway thank you.

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  1. Many thanks for your kindness in remembering for the Prayer Book on this St George's Day,

    1. Well it would be churlish to forget it as it played a huge part in my conversion.

  2. What a roll call of fellows! And greetings to our cousins, brothers, and friends across the St. George's Channel!
    Yes, I second the padre, as a lapsed Anglican the last words that I hope are said over me will be the BCP rite one for the dead.

  3. HMm, yes, looking at the picture, I think you missed Baden Powell.

    But Joy to you anyway