Wednesday, March 7, 2012

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Battlegames - Issue 27 - now with 100% extra Kinch or your money back

And so with shining face and crawling like a snail I've been dragging myself back to the world of work after Leprecon. Sadly, my blogging and commenting is likely to be a little light for the next few weeks as my laptop spontaneously became a paper weight this afternoon. I can still blog using my phone, but commenting is likely to be a sometime thing as predictive text makes typing captchas becomes a wearisome business.

Henry was kind enough to take a scenario from me for the latest issue of Battlegames, which I hope you will all enjoy. It based on an instance that occurred during Henry VIIIs French wars that Donogh was kind enough to dig up for me. I think my manuscript may have been a little long though. I fear Henry may have cut the jokes.

Lots of books, but no answers

The scenario writing yen is upon me and I ran up a Command & Colours Napoleonics version of CS Grants "Advance Guard Action" for my Tabletop Teaser campaign. A report once it's played, gentlemen - scouts honour.

On a related note - I was listening to a recording of Tacitus's annals while stripping paint from our front gate when I had an idea for a new scenario. There's quite an involved description of a mutiny that occurs amongst some legions in Germany. I had thought transpose this to 19th France so that I could use my Napoleonic troops.

Surely a people so fond of protest as the French must have a history of mutiny, I thought to myself. But after consulting the references above, I couldn't find anything bar references to the Nore, Spithead, Vellore and so forth.

Can any kind soul shed any light on this one? Was the French army particularly well behaved or am I just looking in the wrong places?

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  1. I'm aware that the French army in WWI mutinied, but after the experience of Verdun I can hardly blame them.... I suspect... but am not sure... that during the Napoleonic Wars Bonaparte was so damned popular that no one even thought of it.... and for those that did his secret police were remarkably effective at nipping things in the bud.... all of the aforesaid pure supposition however..