Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spanish Light Infantry

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Hat Valencian Light Infantry

There's a wargaming stereotype that all Napoleonic collections include several regiments of Old Guard Grenadiers, the Black Watch and a six battalions of the 95th Rifles. I suppose the Second World War equivalent is the chap whose German army fields nothing but Tigers and Konigstigers. I'm not sure 60 Spaniards wearing kilts is quite in the same league, but we shall see.

Which brings me to the matter at hand, I have sufficient HAT plastics to make three full units of Spanish light infantry so long as they are all Valencian Volunteers. As it happens I know very little about the regiment, but I'm relatively sure they were not so prevalent as to make up 100% of the Spanish Light infantry force. When other fellows have this dilemma I usually comment something terribly helpful like "Please yourself," but as usual doing is harder than saying. It seems silly to ignore the fact that I have all these figures - but at the same time, those new Falcatas are very tempting.

Not a decision I'll be making before Easter as I'm off sugar in coffee and tea, buying figures and buying books for Lent. Mrs Kinch thinks I'm mad and doesn't think I can stick to it. It hasn't been easy, but we're getting there.

Light Infantry - the supernumeraries

There is apparently only one officer figure available for the Valencians, a Minifig who is rather on the chubby side. At Foys suggestion I decided that my volunteers are led by a regular officer who wears his old uniform. The camp follower is an Uwe of History in 1/72 original. I normally wouldn't include camp followers in the supernumery rank, but light infantry are a five strength unit in Command & Colour Napoleonics and with the distinctive uniform, coming up with another figure would have been difficult.

The two chaps to the right are a marching figure who will be doing duty as an NCO and advancing figure that I've hacked about a bit and added a Dutch drum to.

The War Room - pre-cleanup

After the chaos that was Leprecon, I manage to knuckle down and clear up the War Room, a bit. The place wouldn't pass inspection, but the floor is clear and most of the rubbish is gone. Games can be played there - which is the main thing. I also started coming across a few things that I thought I'd lost or had just forgotten about.

Suspect is ginger, repeat ginger

As it happens we're entertaining a house guest at present. He's grown on my somewhat as his behaviour has improved since our last meeting. However, he is a suspect for a number of petty thefts that have occurred in the home over the last few days.

Enquiries are ongoing - a full statement will be issued in due course.

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  1. Oops, looks like your post got cut off in the middle of a sentence.

    -- Jeff

  2. This is what happens when posting via iPhone - your blog post gets hijacked by a Pomeranian mid-sentence!

  3. That will teach me to rely on my phone.

    This could prove irritating...

  4. My dear Kinch:

    "Do what you please" is a very serviceable axiom, at least in wargaming.

    I notice that neither of us has ctually given up painting and gaming for Lent. I wonder if that shows our superior discernment, or lack of moral fibre?

  5. Hard to tell Padre. I once tried to give up gaming for Lent, but my wife (who much like the shop girl in a Village Wooing has the sort of common sense required to keep me straight) told me not to be silly.

    She's usually a good sounding board for what will make a practical Lenten observance. She still gives me grief for the year I tried giving up booze and swearing. It was not a success.