Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Competition Time!

The names go into the hat

It took slightly longer to get around to this then I meant to as I had a few jobs to do today and I was bushed from work. However, with the assistance of Cousin Basil, who has just been appointed ambassador to Bolivia, we soldiered on. All the names were written on a slip of paper and Cousin Basil did the honours.

And one emerges!

Sadly, there is a no sign that my laptop is going to revive so I've had to make do with my phone which is not ideal. I'm not sure if the name on the piece of paper is discernable in the photograph, but it reads "Stokes."

Stokes, just drop me a line, and we shall do the needful.

Thank to everyone who took part. It was enlightening. I should have suspected that I was all style and no substance and I hope that for those as like that sort of thing, this is where they shall continue to get it.

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  1. Why thank you, Conrad! And thanks to Cousin Basil as well. I think we were at school together back in '15 along with a couple of other chaps called Wooster and Fink-Nottle. I'll drop you a line, so we can sort out the particulars. Thank you again!

    Best Regards,