Monday, March 26, 2012

A weekend at Chateau McCarthy

Private Security running for the chopper -eh- light plane

It's been a very busy week and quite a trying one for a variety of reasons, but one of the consolations was a Saturday spent gaming over at Chez McCarthy. The game as always was Force and Force and we played two scenarios written by Donogh, set in South America - though due to some figure constaints that had something of an Afghan flavour. I would imagine pictures will be appearing on Land War in Asia relatively shortly. Many thanks to Donogh for the games, the excellant curry and the loan of Colditz, a series which he was horrified I hadn't come across.

One of the particular pleasures of the weekend was the opportunity to meet up with my chum Steve again, who is always good fun and who I introduced to Command & Colours Napoleonics. I suspect we may be trying VASSAL relatively soon as he lives in Roscommon*.

*Note for Non-Irish reader, Roscommon is a howling trackless wilderness inhabited only by wolves and wild accountants.


  1. Colditz? Da da da da dadadadaaaa. Anthony Valentine and Bernard Hepton - excellent baddies. Ah, the young of today, they haven't lived, er, watched decent TV.

  2. Never seen Colditz? What is the world coming to.

  3. I'm sorry. I shall rectify that as soon as work and a long suffering spouse permit.