Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spanish Infantry by SHQ

The Regiment Del Rey

I was only able to take two pictures before the battery in my camera made its excuses, but I think you'll agree the fellows above look very well indeed. These are SHQ casting, formerly Kennington, and painted by Mrs Kinch's cousin, Casey Minor. I think he's done a cracking job and I'm afraid you lot will have to endure at least one more post on the subject as these chaps deserve a great deal more than two photographs.

He has painted them as the regiment Del Rey. They were the senior unit in the Spanish army and still are, though they necessarily somewhat changed. Sebastian Foy writing of the Spanish army said "...the oldest of them all bore the name of Immerorial Del Rey, and the date of its creation is beyond memory". They have some claim to being the oldest formed unit still in existence in the world, at least according to Wikipedia*.

"The King's Own Immemorial 1st Infantry Regiment of the Spanish Army is considered to be the oldest armed unit in the world. There is certain proof of this and according to what the chronicles mention, King Ferdinand III, "The Saint," in 1248, during the conquest of Seville, with some of his men-at-arms, assaulted and took a tower. Seemingly, with such boldness and bravery they gained the admiration of the King. The campaign finished and with the consequent disbandment of troops, King Ferdinand decided to permanently keep with him said force, giving origin to the permanence of the Armies, that is to say, the origin of itself."

Officer, Drummer and Ensign
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The flag is a new one for me, as I rarely field units with them and when I do, they are invariably painted rather than printed. The flag is a Rofur flag which I got from Simon over at Painted Napoleonic Armies, and rather sharp it looks too. I based this fellows up a few days ago, but haven't gotten around to varnishing them yet, though they did good service in their first battle, Barrossa.

And sadly, the story of that battle will have to wait for another time.

*Though there is some truth in the words of Doctor Johnson who said, "Madam, he who quotes Wikipedia is a guttersnipe and certainly no better than a Scotsman, as confirming the quotation is difficult as every silly person will have repeated it and the labour of doing so is wearisome."


  1. Wasn't there a song about them? Oh, wait, that was Marina Del Rey.

    They certainly look worth some more pictures.