Tuesday, March 27, 2012

CCN Scenarios played

Kinch recounting tales of his battles

I've been playing Command & Colours Napoleonics for a year now and I still haven't managed to play all the scenarios. There are of course, the Waterloo scenarios which I don't have all the troops for yet, but everything else is simply a matter of putting the troops down on the table and playing. I've also wandered off the beaten path a little bit and played some games using Grant scenarios or scenarios I've dreamed up myself. But I've set myself the task of playing all the scenarios in the basic set this year, admittedly this is something that I had hoped to do last year, but didn't achieve.

Admittedly I have played some of these scenarios and simply forgotten to take pictures, but that simply won't do. The collectors impulse in me wants to have the complete set. It's an odd desire, but one I intend to satisfy. I shall just have to apply myself - I think I'll go set up Vimeiro now, just in case time permits of a game next time we have visitors.

Scenarios played include a link the battle report

Rolica - The First French position

Rolica - The Second French position




River Coa

Bussaco (reyners assault)
Bussaco (neys assaults)

I'm not happy with this report, I shall replace it with a proper one later.

Combat at Redinha
Salamanca (French Left)

Salamanca (French Right)

Garcia Hernandez
Combat at Aire
Quatre Bras

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  1. Don Quixote in His Library is my favourite Dore print. Long ago I actually referenced it in my dissertation on Malory as a metaphor for how he is wrongly viewed by medievalists.
    I intend to wave a sword while reading when I am in the nursing home.