Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cold War US Infantry by Platoon 20

A column of US Mechanised Infantry making their way down a secondary road, somewhere in Germany circa 1984

As I'm a sucker for a bargain, I picked these up a while ago when they were offered for sale on the Guild*. They are a collection of 20mm Platoon20 Cold War era Americans, about a platoons worth with some added assets. The M113s are plastics, I think Italeri, but I couldn't swear to it. The Platoon20 figures are solid enough, though they're no Elheim, who are my gold standard for moderns. I'll be using these for my Cold War Gone Hot scenarios, to be honest, I'd have been happier to pick up some Ruskies, but the price was right and I can use them as an occasional break from my Britishers and when we decide to give Oisin's Memoir84 variant a go in 20mm.

As the lead tracks near an obstacle, riflemen dismount and search the nearby buildings for an ambush, and most likely, anything not nailed down

The platoon spreads out before clearing the obstacle

Meanwhile, a stinger operator keeps his eyes skinned for Ruskies

The American wonder at the tiny size of European cars

A Dragon ATGM team set up, "just in case".

A lonesome fellow hoofs it over to a derelict building before taking a knee with his Gustav

Two fireteams (2 riflemen, 1 SAW, 1 Grenadier) under a team leader make up a squad

"Swartz! Hyde! What the hell are you doing outside the track!"
The two riflemen who should be manning the M113 scurry back to their posts.
"We never get to be in the group photos," they grumble.

A sniper team scouts ahead looking for more Ruskies.
They appear to have spotted something

The Platoon Sergeant loitering outside a public convenience.
There's a probably a perfectly reasonable explanation...

I'm not really happy with the sniper base as I don't think it's very practical, the footprint is just too big and it limits the places I can place the figures on the board.

*Pre Lent, I hasten to add Padre!


  1. My dear Kinch:
    Nice looking toys.
    I have no doubt that these little fellows were per-Lenten. I am proud of you. I'm the same spirit, I was in a faux- Irish pub in Banff, Alberta last nit and it took al of my resolve not to order a Guinness.
    I carried a Gustavo once. Taking a knee, sitting, or throwing it in a ditch often crossed my mind.