Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Art of Tactic Napoleonic

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I've been regarding Zvesda's recent output with a great deal of interest. They are the Rolls Royce of 1/72 plastics in my opinion and they have never failed to produce good stuff. I've been disappointed by their decision in recent years to shift away from big boxs of toy soldiers to smaller boxes aimed at the board game market, but you can't blame a fellow for making a living. 

Their Art of Tactic stable of games covers Samurai Warfare, the Second World War and a hypothetical World War Three. But what has really sparked my interest is the news that they will be releasing a Napoleonic version. I don't think I'll be changing games anytime soon, but Zvesda will be releasing figures for this game in their Art of Tactic boxes. These are small, containing at most half a dozen figures and cost about 2.95, but they are lovely. 

I imagine they will be working on the 1812 campaign with a view to the domestic Russian market, but I wouldn't mind paying over the odds for a few specialist figures particularly if they were of the gem like beauty that characterises most Zvesda releases. 

I'd certainly be interested in some Zvesda produced Russian horse artillery, but at present (stolen from plastic soldier, the releases will be as follows. 

Art of Tactic Napoleonic 
  • 6808 - Russian Line Infantry
  • 6809 - French Foot Artillery
  • 6810 - Russian Foot Artillery
  • 6811 - Russian Dragoons
  • 6812 - French Dragoons
  • 6815 - Russian Infantry Command
  • 6816 - French Infantry Command
  • 6817 - Russian Dragoons Command
  • 6818 - French Dragoons Command


  1. You never know though. There might be a few one-off figures that are special enough to purchase one or another of these sets just to get and use said figures as part of staff groups or other kinds of small scenes, you know, to enliven some quiet corner(s) of the tabletop battlefield.

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  2. Oh but the 15mil tanks man, and the 20mil moderns! For Flames of War and Force on Force it's hard to beat them on quality and price.

    1. For them as like that sort of thing - that is just the sort of thing they like.

  3. The only issue I have with the Art of Tactic figures is scale creep. They tend to be larger than previous sets in comparable periods.