Monday, February 24, 2014

The Sunday Game

We had a game day in the Teachers Club yesterday.  This was a follow up from a similar outing we had last year, though a request was put in for an American Civil War game. Donogh suggested Chickamauga, so off I trooped off to the relevant Osprey. 

We had a good turnout with fourteen players throughout the day, which wasn't bad for a game meant for eight players. Fortunately, Sydney had brought my Memoir '44 stuff with him, so we were able to set up a second game on the other table. 

Loughlin leading the bold Union boys forward at Jays Mill. 

As this was Chickamauga, the board may be looking a little bare.  When I was putting the scenario together, I realised that I was going to do myself an injury if I kept filling the board with woods. So what I ended up doing was marking the roads and the clearings (note the brown paper hexes) and declaring all other hexes to be woods. 

Close range fight between Union and Rebel troops. 

While the American Civil War was raging to our left, Sydney, Savage and the rest of us ploughed through a number of Memoir '44 Overlord scenarios. 

We played the Market Garden scenario (narrow win for the Huns), the Courland Pocket scenario (narrow win for the Huns) and the Battle of Samur scenario.  I took the reins in this last one as the German commander as the French delivered a fearful kicking to the overconfident panzers. 

Mr E looks on about half way through Viniards Farm - the second Chickamauga scenario. 

I hadn't actually pulled out my 6mm American Civil War stuff in ages and it sort of set me to wondering if I shouldn't give it an outing a little bit more often. 

The acre of death
(an area of the battlefield so fiercely contested that the casualty 
markers made it impossible to fit any more troops in)

You will be glad to hear that Chickamauga ended with two Union victories.  The Teachers Club were there usual hospitable selves and a very convivial time was had by all.  Old John came over from Wales and Mr. MacR from Roscommon, so I had the rare pleasure of their company over the weekend. 

A good time had all and certainly something we will be doing again. 


  1. It was indeed a hard fought battle, particularly in the "Acre of Death" where my Good Ole Rebs died at their posts whilst thecowardly Lincolnites mostly ran away,
    a superb day's gaming with excellent company, great facility, thanks to Mein Host for arranging everything, looking forward to next opportunity and Gaelcon later this year

    cheers Old John

    1. You're very welcome. Always a pleasure.

  2. Looks a fun game, those 6mm figures look good on that board. No prizes for guessing which side Old John played?

    1. Thank you very much Lee. I've been wondering what they'd look like on my big board though.

      I'm glad to say that John led the Rebs to crashing defeat!

  3. The Teacher's Club really is a nice quiet venue for that sort of thing. I keep being tempted to try the Overlord Market Garden game but I can't work out which unit is supposed to be the Tiger from the version of the scenario I have.

    1. I think it's the super unit one piece Tiger rather than a four strength special tank unit. The Teachers club is rather good to be sure. I'll give you a shout next time we're doing something there.

  4. That acre of death was truly brutal. By the end of it, I think 9 Confederate and 4 Union units had been destroyed over just 5 hexes. It was an absolute slaughterhouse.