Thursday, February 13, 2014

Vickers Light Tanks

Two twin turrets Vickers Light Tanks from Frontline 

I have been taking an interest in my small VBCW collection of late.  It's mainly an excuse to play some Memoir games and not worry too much about the kit and also I suppose the fact that it is a small collection and therefore something I can finish. These are Vickers 6 Tonners, the type A with the twin Vicker MG turrets.  I picked these because they were a snip at less than a fiver each and they could definitely not be mistaken for anything else. There's something quite Heath Robinson about them. 

Enemy Mortars for preventing pursuit across a frozen river

For those of you unfortunate enough to lack the benefits of a classical education, Heath Robinson was a British illustrator who was devoted to drawing ridiculous and incredibly complex machines.  I always remember the series of sketches he did for the Guinness company which showed the process of making a pint by means of pulleys, bits of string and magnets which were something of a fixture in older Irish pubs in the 1980s. 

Please forgive the eccentric camoflage pattern and the poor pictures. I've been struck down my a ghastly flu and I just wanted to paint something without worrying too much about the details.  The tanks were sprayed grey, because that was what I had to hand. They were then given a coat of dark green and a light dry brush of dark green mixed with a little yellow. The camoflage scheme was plucked from the air and was based on the paints that were closest to my hand.  I suspect that these are going to be forming part of the BUF armoured militia.

A recognition symbol cribbed from a 1/35 scale modelling site. 

I really should have included a picture of one of these with a figure next to them as you don't really get a sense of how tiny these are.  They really are rather dinky compared to the hulking great monsters of later years.

The Flames of War chaps get quite a bit of stick, but I've always liked their painting guides which are quite straight forward.  I suppose if I do any more VBCW armour I will probably use the guide above - but at the same time I quite like my eccentric looking twin turreted creature up above. 

Back to bed I think. Bah humbug. 


  1. Very nice work! You are correct that the Vickers is definitely unmistakable.

  2. I'd be interested in seeing a VBCW memoir game when you're suitable recovered to play and report one ;)

    1. I'll get right on it old chap once I'm feeling less wibbly.

  3. I'm a big fan of Heath Robinson too not to mention Emmet.
    Great tanks too.

  4. These two tanks look great to me!

    I hope you feel better soon.

    All the best,


    1. Thanks Bob - you're weakness for interwar silly armour is showing :)

  5. Camouflage scheme looks spot on, Conrad. Very reminiscent of 1930's schemes, particularly on some of the British stuff. Looking forward to seeing more!

  6. Thank you Ian - high praise indeed coming from you. I was just in such a fury that I wanted to throw paint on something and they were there. I think the Padre's work on his tigers might inspire me to take more card next time.

    I've been watching your Cold War adventures with great interest and must press on with my own.