Friday, February 7, 2014

Messing with the workings of the Mechanical Turk.

I quite enjoy a game of Memoir '44 online. It's no substitute for a proper wargame with toy soldiers and such, but it is always there and that's no bad thing.

One thing that I hadn't noticed though was that the scenario editor allows you to make your own maps, and upload them to the website. Not everything in the editor can be added, the online game, which seems a bit orphaned to be honest, hasn't implemented a lot of the new whizz bangs like mortars, machine guns and other good stuff.

Now I've had some success using Memoir '44 Online as a mechanical turk, setting up the game with my figures and then using the AI to provide an opponent. Of course, I'm limited by the scenarios that come with the game.

However, I have discovered the Scenario Editor not only allows you to make your own maps, but also allows you to play those maps both online and using the games AI. Now as I said, the online game lacks a lot of the features of the board game, but even with that limited ability there are some intriguing possibilities for solo play.


  1. I've never been taken by all the extra features. I like the elegant simplicty of the basic game, with the additions from the first couple of expansions. The extra weapons and so on just seemed to be unnecessary trimming.

    1. Horses for courses. I quite like all the extra bits. The problem is of course is that chaps end up writing scenarios that feature machine gun AND mortars AND paratroopers AND Tiger Tanks AND Half Tracks AND Big Guns AND Night Fighting AND...AND...AND.

      The extra rules are seasoning and are best used sparingly.

  2. Hello CK - once again interesting stuff is to be found here! I'm extremely curious about this business of being able to set up a game on the physical board and play against a (what's the correct terminology?) 'Mechanical Turk' will do nicely :-) I must find out more about it so I think I will have to drop you an email if you don't mind. I'm interested in both Memoir 44 and C&C N as you know. This could be the sort of thing I have been looking for.


    1. Lee - email away. I've played one game using the Memoir '44 online AI as a opponent and found it quite tough. Essentially you set up the game board yourself and conduct a game on the computer simultaneously, moving the figures yourself and letting the machine take care of the cards and the dice. I suppose you could just play the game on the computer and forget about the figures really, but I quite liked it. It was a solo game without too much second guessing,

      There is talk of a computer version of the Command & Colours games, but I think it's Ancients rather than Napoleonics.