Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The innate perversity of Kinch

This is what I got

I got some of these recently of that nice fellow Brian of The Hobbyden.  They're Vickers Light Tanks from S Models, so a British tank made by a Chinese company bought from an Irishman. We're just a melting pot here. 

I assembled these and they're designed as fast builds so they went together pretty quickly. There was actually stuff that came in the box that I didn't use. The box comes with a number of brass etched pieces, I left them off because to be honest, I couldn't get them to attach easily and they were very delicate, more delicate than I'm comfortable with in a wargaming model. 

These were €13 per box of two and they are nice, but I think if I was doing this again, I would probably go with Frontline Wargaming resins. 

We had a painting evening the other day, which was fun. Mr. E and Mr. Target dropped over. Mr. E painted some Soviet Motor Rifle troops while Mr. Target assembled a Hornby pylon from my plastic stash.  Mr. Target also brought along some Rogue Trader era Orks which he very kindly passed on to me. 

I got my six Vickers six tonners basecoated.  The trick with that being, multiple thin coats.  The first one always looks awful, but these came up OK.  I'm in two minds about drybrushing a highlight on, but we shall see. 

I want them to look a little bit like this

So at the moment, I have two main projects on the go, my stalled Cold War Project and my ongoing Napoleonics project.  

What am I excited about painting at the moment - my BEF/Very British Civil War Tanks and possibly some Rogue Trader figures. 

Which just goes to show that I can be guaranteed to want to paint whatever it is I'm not meant to be working on at the moment. 


  1. that last comment about painting what you want and not what you should is so true

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  3. I absolutely agree. I started a lord of the rings project, and so have done nothing but paint steampunk whilst planning to do WWI. Nothing if nit fickle.

    1. Gentlemen at least we are in good company.

  4. Frontline 20mm are no longer available I believe, Under the Bed Enterprises have certainly stopped selling them at the shows over here as they couldn't reliably get stock. I managed to pick up some of their painted display samples.

  5. If there was ever a cute tank, the Vickers is it.
    I am frequently surprised by the figures which manage to inveigle (I think I'm using that word correctly, if not, it still sounds splendid) and charm their way to the front of my painting queue. Currently there is a Reaper lady vampire who is telling me she should come before the half-finished 28th Massachussets.

  6. Dear Conrad,

    As my Dad used to say, "We're Irish...we accept everyone because we know what it's like to be hated for being who we are."
    Funny...I just bought two Vickers light tanks in 28 mm scale for the VBCW. They are certainly in line with what everyone except the Russians were doing with armor in this period and they are fun to have particularly if going up against Italians in North Africa in 1940.
    Have great fun with the new toys.
    A Proud 4th Generation Great Grandson of Irish Immigrants

  7. The ex JB Model now Airfix Vickers Mk VI is decent, if a smidge pricey, and has spare bits for three versions in it. Rather quick build too.