Saturday, March 1, 2014

Train Wreckers and Ghost Killers

I've been pottering quite a bit in the last few days as I took delivery of some figures that needed basing and there were other jobs that needed doing around the house. With that in mind, decided a new audiobook was in order and I picked up a copy of the above from British Audio Books. 

I've had a sort of passing interest in Korea ever since I found a copy of Sir Anthony Farrar Hockley's "The Edge of the Sword" in the school library as a boy.  It was a fantastic book and one that I unreservedly recommend. I still shiver at the description of the North Korean prisoner of war camp. I would not last long in such a place. 

But back to Train Wreckers et al, this is an audiobook recorded by a chap called Felbrigg Napoleon Herriot (top marks on that name, except the middle bit) and the text is available for free online. The audiobook version is £4.99, about the price of a pint.  The book itself can be divided into two sections, the first describing the exploits of 41 (Independent) Commando of the Royal Marines and the second, which covers the foundation, training and later operations of the South Korea Marine Corps. 

On the whole, I found the book interesting - probably my favourite section was about Task Force Drysdale, a battalion strength polyglot group of Royal Marines, US troops and South Koreans who attempted to relieve the beleaguered US forces at Hagaru-ri during the Battle of the Chosin Reservoir. It had me eyeing my Second World War Commandos with a speculative eye. 


Not likely to be returning President Putin's calls 

Since we've had "Afghanistan II" and I notice with a sinking heart that we seem to be gearing up for "Crimea II Electric Bugaloo", it seems appropriate that I took delivery of my first lot of Crimean troops this week. These deserve better pictures, but Mark has done a great job and very quickly. The troops are from Old John over at 20mm Nostalgic Revival. supplemented by a few Strelets plastics. They will be doing duty as Napoleonic Russians and as Crimean types. 

I sketched a few ideas after Eucharist on Thursday and it looks like the Alma may be our Crimean scenario. I'm in two minds - I've always been torn between it and Inkerman. 


  1. This new invasion of the Crimea is a bit unnerving - was lucky enough to go there a few years ago and remember Simpherpol very well - but with out the Russian troops !

    1. Well - I reckon my Russians will be parked outside Sebastapol relatively shortly.

      Who knows there may be real ones there soonish.

  2. 20mm Nostalgic has not been update for a while - is John still taking orders.

    (Mr Putin is quite a worry!)

    1. Absolutely. Do you have an email for him?

  3. Unfortunately I lost the contact details I had