Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Command & Colours Napoleonics: The Prussians - Part Two

General Du Gourmand was not amused

I have been tardy in posting this apparently - so I've decided to repair the fault and hop to it as apparently I was upsetting General Du Gourmands digestion by not getting to this sooner. So without further ado, allow me to present the block count in the upcoming Command & Colours Napoleonics Prussian expansion. 

Along with some thoughts on how to replace the blocks with plastic for those of use considering building a post Scharnhorst reforms Prussian army. 

Line infantry 9 units 4 blocks per unit 36 blocks

Revell do a very nice set of late Prussian infantry, but to be honest there is only one real choice here. HAT recently released a three box set of late Prussian infantry and they are lovely. Each box is about the price of a pint and holds 40 figures in either marching (see above), action or command poses. They are very find indeed and for those of use who like our Napoleonics marching along, they couldn't be bettered. 

Light infantry  5 units 4 blocks per unit 20 blocks

HAT again do good box of Prussian lights in a variety of skirmishing poses. The figures aren't perhaps quite as nice as their line infantry brethern, they are still quite good. However, the box only includes rankers, so officers, nco's and hornists will have to be got elsewhere. 

Prussian Guard Jaeger by Knotel

Grenadier inf 2 units 4 blocks per unit 8 blocks
Guard Grenadier (labeled Guard) 1 unit 4 blocks per unit 4 blocks 

These I think will have to be metal, though so far as I can tell the only thing that really distinguishes the Guard from the line is the addition of plumes, which were most likely packed away while they were on campaign.  However, never being a man to let practicality get in the way of a good show, I would certainly field 'em with plumes, though a quick scan of the Kennington/SHQ website shows that they stock Prussian Guards. 

Landwehr Infantry  4 units 4 blocks per unit 16 blocks

Now this is an interesting one - Airfix did a set of Napoleonic Prussian infantry that was almost entirely Landwehr and it was one of their best. I've never had a set, but I always thought they looked rather well. I can't see a reason not to use this particular set. 

Reserve Infantry   5 units 4 blocks per unit 20 blocks 

These fellas are a new unit type that hasn't been present in Command & Colours Napoleonics before, so it will be interesting to see how they act.  Now as it happens, HAT do a very nice set of Prussian Reserve infantry in peaked cap and with rolled blanket. Normally, I would be beating a path to their door, but I know that Great Britain sent large number of uniforms in British cut, shakos, muskets, etc to the Prussian in 1813.  I happen to have a mountain of HAT British Peninsular Infantry that are looking for a home, so I was thinking it might be an idea both for the sake of clarity (different head gear making it easier to tell the Reserve and the Landwehr apart) and economy, that I may dress my Prussian reserve in Lancashire cloth. 

Light Cavalry 3 units 3 blocks per unit 9 blocks 

I will always associate the Prussians with hussars, mainly because of Bluchers association with the cavalry arm, but we're spoiled for choice when it comes to Prussian Light Cavalry. I would suggested using the HAT late war Prussian cavalry set, but Waterloo 1815 have brought out not one, but two sets of Prussian hussars for the period and they are exquisite.  I know Plastic Soldier Review had some problems with the fact that they have slung pelisses (the HAT boys wear theirs), but I think they look grand. 

But my weakness of hussars almost compromised my decision to stick to an 1813 army as I have a box of the old Revell Seven Years War set and some Zvesda hussars as well and they are wonderful. 

Lancer (labeled Uhlan) 1 unit 3 blocks per unit 3 blocks

HAT produce a set of Prussian Uhlans and sadly, they are one of the worst sets they produce.  As this a single unit, I will probably go with the beautiful (albeit pricey) Art Miniaturen figures above. They just look so well. 

Militia Cavalry  ( Uhlan Landwehrt) 3 units 3 blocks per unit 9 blocks

These are the HAT Uhlans I was referring to above and they just aren't very nice. Damned if I know what I'll do about them. 

Dragoons 3 units 3 blocks per unit 9 blocks

These fellas share horses with the HAT Uhlans and likewise they don't exactly set a heart racing in terms of sculpting quality. Raising six cavalry units in metal may stretch the treasury more than it can bear. 

Cuirassier 2 units 3 blocks per unit 6 blocks 

The figures shown above are the Italeri Prussian cuirassiers, by 1813 they had abandoned that particular uniform and moved to something with a helmet.  I'm not 100% sure, but I think it may be possible to use Zvesda's Russian or Saxon cuirassiers as an acceptable substitute with a paint conversion.  Something to mull over. 

Foot Arty 4 units 3 blocks per unit 12 blocks – 24 stickers
Horse Arty 2 units 3 blocks per unit 6 blocks – 12 stickers

HAT is the only company offering Prussian artillery in plastic at present and they are fine, if a touch uninspired.  As unlike cavalry, raising a unit in metal doesn't cost the Earth, I may look at that as a possibility. We shall see. 

No one produces Prussian Horse Artillery in plastic at present, but I imagine there will be options in metal. 

Leaders 5 blocks 

Now, as it happens I have quite a few Prussian generals from the Italeri box above.  They are fine simple sculpts and they look rather well. I may spend some mad money on a metal Blucher and possible a metal Zieten as they are my two favourite Prussian generals, but in the meantime, these will do very well. 


  1. Thanks for this Conrad. It's sad most of the needed references come HAT. I hate those minis

    1. From thinking about it - I might do another post outlining some of the other options.

  2. I am looking forward to seeing whether the Prussians in C&C have a unique character from other armies. This said as a neophyte C&CNaps player who is still feeling his way through the basics.

    1. We shall see. I'm curious to see if there will be a major change pre and post Scharnhorst reforms.