Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Breaking news from Hungary! Honved Miniatures

I can only hope there's a wheel right coming before they start shooting. 

Gentlemen, I wish to inform you of a terrible, terrible occurrence. 

A wargamer struggling to cope with the news

I've been toying with the idea of Hungarian interlude for quite some time now. It's dreadfully exotic, I'm already raising a Napoleonic Austrian army and I bought some wonderful Hungarian conversions from Krisztian

Krisztian has written to let me know about a black piece of treachery.  He and Uwe over at History in 1/72 have begun a joint enterprise called Honved Miniatures. They will be producing a full range of figures to cover the Hungarian Rebellion of 1848. Their first release is a set of Hungarian artillery which you can see above. 

The guns

  The pack comes with three bases, twelve crew, three guns and a small selection of accessories for €14.40. They are available from Hagen Miniatures in Germany.

Another wargamers reaction. 

But what is the problem surely? A new range is good news. Sadly, Gentlemen, Uwe and Krisztian will be producing their fine figures, no doubt well researched and well sculpted,  in 15mm.  That said, for those that do game in 15mm, like Lee, Bob Cordery, David Crook, etc, etc* - these represent an excellent way to get started on a new period, particularly if you've already got a Napoleonic Austrian Army. 

The Men

Somehow I intend to keep smiling through the tears - but as I said, these are good figures, reasonably priced and offer you 15mm collecting swine better than you deserve. 

I'm going off to sulk in my tent.

*You know who you are - and I hate you all.


  1. Well, he handled that pretty well...

    1. Knowing those two - it will be handled very well.

  2. Replies
    1. They look amazing to be honest. I just wish they were 1/72!

  3. Thank you. It is a great comfort to know that ones friends are standing firm in such dark times.

  4. Well, great looking units anyway!

  5. Rum chaps, these foreigners. You just can't trust them.

  6. Well, now I know what to get you for your birthdays/Christmases from here on in. Huzzah! :)