Friday, March 7, 2014

Painted Zvesda 2lb Gun

I finally got around to painting my Zvesda 2lb. The gun was treated to a coat of Vallejo Brown Violet with a dry brush of the same with some yellow added and then some additional edge highlighting with yellow. It didn't turn out too bad. 

Unfortunately, the model had a close encounter of the four legged kind - but beyond looking slightly wonky if you examine closely it doesn't seem too much the worse for it.  The gunners were given my standard British infantry treatment and beyond looking at them now and realising that I haven't painted the chin straps, they appear to be none the worse for it. 

I picked up this piece mainly for VBCW games, but it could also certainly count as an artillery piece should we manage to play any 1939-1940 games. There is actually a short 1940 campaign in the first Memoir '44 campaign book, but I think Normandy might be more achievable in the short term.  I'll need some infantry of course, but I've got a birthday coming up and I've dropped some hints to Mrs. Kinch regarding SHQ's BEF range - so that may not be a concern. 

On mature reflection, I'm very happy with how this piece turned out.  It wasn't demanding, the model is so fine that it's difficult to paint it badly and it's added a nice little unit to my British army for the price of two packets of crisps. I think I will definitely be picking up some more of the Zvesda kits if I see them. 

I'll just fix those chin straps and lash a bit of varnish on it and away we go. 


  1. Nice job!! I have a couple still awaiting the building. Can you explain the Brown Violet? I see no brown nor violet.

    1. I don't know either old chap - it's a sort of muddy green. But Vallejo call it brown violet.

      Seems to do the trick anyway.

  2. Just the sort of thing I need for my 8th Army. Now, do they come with portees?

  3. Sadly - Zvesda do trucks, but in 1/100. I'm sure Frontline would do something affordable.

  4. It certainly looks good.

    Not sure about artillery but you could borrow the later at gun rule.

    I've made a similar shade by mixing red and green with a smidgeon of burnt umber so who knows? There could be violet in there. I think putting misleading names on camouflage paint is just in keeping with its intention to deceive the enemy.

  5. I wouldn't have known about the 4-legged"battle damage" if you hadn't mentioned it.


  6. Nice model! I recently did a couple of 15mm Peter Pig 2 pounders