Sunday, March 2, 2014

Gladiator Update


I managed to get some work done on my gladiator. After considering my options - I decided against adding wires. This is a Wargaming model after all and there would be considerable possibilities of buggering up the work I'd done so far. 

I painted it pretty much as instructed out of the box. I did consider the possibilities of the Malta camouflage scheme - but given that I will be using it almost exclusively for VBCW I thought the silver and red getup was far more appropriate. There's something rather Wellsian - in his later more totalitarian days - about it. 

I wouldn't say that this kit has cured me of my phobia of assembling aircraft - but it has advanced things somewhat. All that remains now is to add decals and give it a wallop of varnish. The decal sheet is a chaotic mess of roundels, numbers and things - I suspect I'll just follow the sheet. 

                     Headed west. 

This may be a worrying first symptom of something, but I may see if I've anything that would pass for a ground crew or tender or something. 

Anyway I better get weaving if I'm going to make it to service. 


  1. I'd be tempted to buy the NATO refueling set just to get the lads in NBC gear with SLR, but I suspect the actual crew figures might not work right. If I get around to it my Gladiator will be using the Baldonnel decals, because why not?

    1. And why not indeed. Though it looks like I'll be looking for decals myself at this stage. The NBC fellas aren't bad. I think I may even have some spares somewhere.